Photo Manager Redesign.

Photo quality is the key factor of converting the view into a booking. The overall marketplace photo quality was behind to what our competitor Airbnb offered even though the inventory and its quality was better at HomeAway.

How can we help homeowners to tell a compelling story though photos?
Redesigned Photo Manager. House, Spaces, Rooms.
Side Note

This project required multidisciplinary effort within the company. Design, Research, Data Science, Product Management, and Development teams came together to solve this vital pillar of any homeowner’s life. With any existing legacy platform and scale HomeAway was facing a lot of limitations and potential implications: 193 countries, 2M properties, 15 languages. Design was tasked to create a world-class photo and media management experience.

Design Scope
  • UI Audit
  • Creative Direction
  • Product Design
  • Design Research Partnership
  • Cross-Functional Teams Alignment
  • Roadmap & Development
Early Alignment

In the very beginning we’ve identified that some problems come from our own requirements ans so we had to revisit them, but also we knew we have to redesign photo management tools and coach people on how to take better photos. This way we’re not only modernizing our platform but also bringing owners alogn the way.

  1. Photo Consumption ≠ Photo Management.
  2. Elevating owner’s visual literacy.
  3. Updating legacy requirements.
  4. Building a framework of creating a story.
  5. Utilizing data to deliver competitive insights to the owner.

Data is helping HomeAway to unfold the details of competitive opportunities helped partners increase the revenue per property by providing a better experience and keeping the listing up to date.

Educating homeowners by giving them helpful tips.
Before & After