Liliia Mandrino – Director. Experiential Designer


I'm Liliia Mandrino, User Experience Director at Electronic Arts, currently building a world-class design team and User Experience Design discipline. I help companies build teams and digital products. I'm developing a framework for collaboration between various disciplines in pursuit of delivering products that people love. Research and data-driven insights are instrumental in how I work and help teams creating meaningful and engaging experiences.

"Great user experience is not a coincidence; it's a set of well-orchestrated steps."

Experience design has always been my passion. I love the multisensory aspect of it, where sound and haptics connect what we see and what we do on the screen into memorable and empowering experiences.

I dedicated over ten years for ongoing independent training and skill development, including Neuroscience, Behavioral Psychology, Product Design, Experimental Design, and Research.

Liliia Mandrino – Director. Experiential Designer
Liliia’s home office and the famous red door.
Design Expertise
  • Product Design
  • Human Interaction
  • Design Systems
  • Design Principles
  • UX & UI Prototyping
  • Emerging Platforms
Talent Management
  • Design Leadership
  • Youth Mentorship
  • Portfolio Reviews & Feedback
  • Methodologies & Process
  • Design Education
Speaking & Writing
  • Collaboration & Alignment
  • Product Design Workshops
  • Design Research
  • Advisory
  • Startup Mentorship

Sharing some of the most recent books I read. Topics I enjoy are in Psychology, Neuroscience, Research, Graphic Design, Product Design, Innovation, Product Development, Venture Capital, Human Performance, Fitness, and Wellness.