A great user experience is not a coincidence.

Electronic Arts

Director, User Experience Design

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Just One Thing App

Founder, Creative Director

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Creative Direction, Branding UI/UX

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Design Director, Product Design, UI/UX

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Design Leadership, Product Design, Design Research

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Design Language, Design System

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Timeless App

Mentorship, Creative Direction, UI/UX

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About Liliia Mandrino

A seasoned design leader who leverages data and insight to craft meaningful user experiences for native mobile, desktop and web platforms. A team builder who attracts and mentors top tier talent and works with cross-functional partners in product management, engineering, and marketing to design and launch stand-out user experiences from the inside out.

  • Design Leadership
  • Product Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Design Strategy
  • Design Research
  • UI & UX
  • Emerging Technology
  • Education
  • Social Networks
  • Travel & Real Estate
  • Education
  • Food & Drinks
  • Fitness & Wellness

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A great user experience is a synthesis of visual & behavioral psychology, aesthetic, function, and ones commitment to create a solution that is empowering & memorable.