Design Director, Product Design, UI/UX

Case Studies

April 2018 - October 2019

Fitplan App

The Fitplan chapter was a highlight not only because of the opportunity to reimagine workout experience for thousands of people. It was something that gave me long-lasting inspiration for my own fitness journey that lasts to this day.

Redesigning existing product always comes with the heavyweight of responsibility, addressing current usability issues, legacy dependencies, and expectations of the existing user. It was worth it!

Fitplan is taking guessing out of your workouts.
Design & Development

It was crucial to develop a vision for the future product and have a NorthStar Design for Fitplan. A North Star allows us to build the roadmap while gradually redesigning each pillar and creating a cohesive user experience journey for new and existing users. Design research was instrumental in how I validate the design hypothesis.

Role & Responsibilities
  • Design Leadership
  • Product Design
  • Design Foundations
  • Design Research
  • Emerging Platforms
Experience Pillars
  • FTUE & Onboarding
  • Plan Discovery
  • Core Workout Experience
  • Social Network & Leaderboards
  • Calendar & Workout Manager
Circuit Experience. Large hit targets that let sloppy fingers, shaky hands, and fat thumbs easily interact with the app
Motion, haptics, and micro interactions are a big part of the psychology of reinforcement and habit forming.
My strong belief is that design should scale. This screen shows how data is populated across weighted, nonweighted, and timed exercises.
Dream as a design Principle.

"Dream" is one of the most powerful Design Principles I've employed. I design experiences for scale, and this principle is one of the core pillars of how I lead design. The original idea of "Dream" as a design principle belongs to my life partner David. He was using this principle to teach his sons some of the approaches in graphic design.

Ever North Start starts with MVP.
Design and Development are two critical partnerships in building experiences. Design is here to help and inform.