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Step-by-step fitness plans from the world's top trainers. Fitplan has partnered with world-class trainers who have reached their peak and created a way for them to share their exact workout methods with other people. Users get the unique experience of training alongside their ideal physique of choice – making for a healthier, fitter future.



  1. Product Vision

  2. Product Design: Web, mWeb, Native (iOS, Android)

  3. Information Architecture
  4. Design Research: Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis

  5. Design Validation
  6. Foundation & Design System

  7. Roadmap Management
  8. Mentorship  

Where did all this begin?

Even today in 2019 it starts with a pen and paper. A few ideas sketched and put together were run by a few of our athletes - Linn Lowes, Michie Peachie, and a few of our company friends. 


The Intimidation Problem

Almost always there is a feeling of unspoken intimidation when it gets to building something new, drastically different from what development team could have imagined. The scope of work is often so huge that teams need help building product roadmap and the best way to do it to align with cross-functional teams sitting in one room having one representative from each team.

The good thing is that there is no magic but planned baby steps that work for any product. You always start somewhere. And best when the first build has the minimum VALUABLE product, forget about MVP. You need that first release to bring value to the people because that eventually will be what brings money to the business and a loyal customer.


Mitigating Usability Frictions

The main job of design after the North Star was defined and designed is to mitigate any potential risks and usability frictions prior development. Often this saves the company from major loses and dropoff throughout the entire user experience and removes the need to re-develop something major.

After iterating on designs I am facilitating usability study with 8-9 participants that fit within the demographics we have spotted using analytics and data science.



Have Skin In The Game

I've never had a problem to obsess with the product I design. Fitplan was not an exception either. Ever since I started working with Fitplan I gave up my own routine and committed to what Fitplan offered.

350 Workouts, 8 Fitplans, 12 months... That's how much I've worked out myself to live the experience I design for. I've changed gyms 9 times to always stay in a newbie state to understand and capture what people go through.

You can see me working out here.