2 million vacation rentals, hundreds of amenities, lack of time and jarring experience filling or reading amenities.

Become your own wedding planner with a virtual wedding binder that provides ease of planning, budgeting, scheduling and communicating with vendors.

There are a lot of instances where people are concerned with AI, but auto filling property amenities ain't one of them. Today vacation rental owner is forced into a heavy manual labor of filling amenities on HomeAway manually. Machine learning and AI can scan a photo or an owner can take a photo using Dragonfly app to auto-populate 100+ amenities into the property detail page. 

Engaged gives a couple all the tools needed to be their own wedding planner. By combining a robust, smart, integrated budgeting and scheduling tool with a vendor engagement platform, brides and grooms will benefit from increased transparency and control. Sidestepping an industry we believe is ripe for massive adoption and therefore disruption.



Hunting dragonflies can perfectly predict their prey’s future movements. So the precision and efficiency are the core factors and inspiration for the app name, feel, and style.

Hunting dragonflies are performing moves just as smooth as a pro athlete's, but scientists still assumed that their movements followed a reflexive mechanism. In other words, the dragonfly would twist its body in 90-degree angles in reaction to its prey's movement. After all, the insects have fairly simple nervous systems.

30th of January 2016 was official kick-off meeting between me and two amazing co-founders: Kate and Christina. They had a vision for a new approach in wedding planning. It was meant to be an iOS App. It triggered a set of question from me to them that paints the picture of what they wanted. Who is usually the initiator of the wedding preparation: he or she? male or female?  Who is dealing with all of it the most? How does the budgeting tool look like now? What are the main steps budgeting? 

Part 1


Set the foundation. Scale it.

The same amenity can have multiple synonyms, also the translation could be lost so the bi-lingual vacation rental owner can choose how many synonyms to link to each amenity to help foreign travelers understand it better. That same simple component could be reused on property detail page. 

A brand needs voice, motion, color, pattern, interaction foundation in order to scale fast and at a high level of quality. To preserve craft and move fast you need design system.

Desktop HD

Special thanks to Matt D. Smith for creating Flowkit!

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Set the foundation. Scale it.