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Upstate logo

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Upstate provides variety of spacious properties in NY for special occasions. 

Slate logo

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The most effortlessly elegant way to keep your home clean every weekday.

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Branding  •  Logo  •  UIUX

Got kids? Live in San Francisco? You need Parenthoods app to get connected with other parents to get advice, share news or connect your kids for an event.

Junior abc

eCommerce  •  Logo

Apparel, clothing, toys for kids. (Old project 2014 😱

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What's your personal logo? How would express who you are using just one geometric figure?

HomeAway 360°

Logo  •  UIUX

Customer facing VR/AR experience & logo.

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Design language  •  Logo

How much can you take away till it breaks, Dragonfly is the most facinating inspiration for a design language.