Liliia is a multidisciplinary Experiential Designer. Born in Ukraine and now based in Los Angeles helping companies, startups, and individuals build their ideas into digital experiences, elevating brand recognition and setting up the design foundation for scale, mentoring younger entrepreneurs and youth, pursuing her own passion projects.

Liliia believes that design enables technology, makes it accessible to people where they are empowered to do something they could not before. 



Product Design: Web, mWeb, Native (iOS, Android)

Design Research: Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis

Design Foundations

Behavioral Design






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Liliia is a multidisciplinary experience designer and art director. Born in Ukraine, She's based in Austin, TX and helping companies, startups, and individuals build their ideas into apps, websites, brands, and design language. Her areas of expertise are an art direction, design strategy, design execution & production across all digital mediums. Learn more about Liliia's career path on Linkedin.



2018 - HomeAway is still a place where Liliia makes an impact. She also committed her "after work hours"  to a 13 yo girl Emma (emmayang.com) to help her design a mobile app for patients with Alzheimer's. Emma and her ideas won MIT Award for Brain Health Challenge and were featured in FastCompany online magazine. 

Along the way worked with two amazing co-founders to create a mobile app, Engaged, for couples who are about to get married and who need help budgeting, planning, and connecting with vendors. 

2017 - Liliia continues working at HomeAway now as an Experience Design Lead on Design Systems helping company to set the foundation for the scalable product defining patterns, components, brand assets and it's consistency across all platforms. That same year Liliia collaborated with in-house research defining partner user persona and helped organize companywide cadence and a global readout as well as designing the single source of truth for an internal audience to refer to while building user journeys and developing a product.

2016 - Liliia got onboard at HomeAway. She was working on Partner experience and been fortunate to have an opportunity to design the very new and first Marketplace from scratch. Owner's stats and dashboard design were also set up by Liliia.

2015 - Liliia landed in Austin, TX. Studied neuroscience remotely at School of Business in Amsterdam, dove into behavior design by Stanford based Ph.D.  BJ Fogg. Continued to work with agencies worldwide. Liliia believes that design can make this world better. Helped an agency Aquent to design and ship numerous projects for a lot of US-based clients.